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Applied Vehicle Dynamics

This seminar is designed to push participants to go beyond experience and intuition and begin to ask "why", "how" and "how much" certain factors affect the performance of a vehicle. Participants will interact with each other, watch live demonstrations and ask questions to get collaborative feedback. You'll cover every aspect of vehicle dynamics and wrap up with data acquisition and analysis. More info.

Data Driven Vehicle Performance Engineering

This seminar covers how to use data from simulation, testing, and DAQ to improve your car's performance. From measurement and modeling to performance prediction, this seminar is filled with practical examples and hands-on exercise that will help you outperform the competition. More info.

Advanced Seminar (10-12 Day Seminar)

The advanced seminar focuses on theories and methodologies in vehicle dynamics to implement the best process to obtain optimum results in vehicle performance. With extensive topics covering tires and kinematics to weight transfer and simulation, learn how to set yourself above your competition. More info.

Registration For Upcoming Seminars

Dynamique de véhicule Séminaire 2017 Magny-Cours, France Jan 14 to Jan 17, 2017 Register
Applied Vehicle Dynamics AND Data Driven Performance Engineering Seminars 2017 Birmingham, England Jan 07 to Jan 17, 2017 Register
Data Driven Performance Engineering Seminar 2017 Birmingham, England Jan 14 to Jan 17, 2017 Register
Dynamique de véhicule AND Acquisition de données Séminaires 2017 Magny-Cours, France Jan 14 to Feb 08, 2017 Register
Acquisition de données Séminaire 2017 Magny-Cours, France Feb 05 to Feb 08, 2017 Register

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